432 Park Avenue Live Cam Concord 32-meter 5-section Placing Boom
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A new crop of ultra-luxury condominiums in New York City is attracting a global audience, as well as Manhattan’s elite. Amongst these “stratospheric” buildings stands 432 Park Avenue, a residential tower that is truly taking the art of living to new heights as it rises 1,400 feet into the sky.

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Big Thanks to Rogers & Sons Concrete 

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Do you have the specs on what pump is feeding the placing boom?

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The pumps that are feeding the boom are Putzmeister 14000 HP D-8" Trailer pumps x 2 just incase one pump fails they have a backup ready to go. They are also running 3 delivery pipelines up the building just in case of a blockage that can't be cleared or if a pipeline fails. The pumps are not producing much volume due to the 8" delivery barrels and the extreme pressures they are pumping at. Rogers & Sons Concrete told me that they wished they would have chosen 7" delivery barrels so it wouldn't be so hard on the pumps. 

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Thank you for the reply. I appreciate that.