5 Dead, 10 Freeway Closed After Concrete Pump Accident Rialto California.
Todd 02-18-2018
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3 videos 

Concrete Pump Accident video 1

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Woman Mourns her Fathers death after Concrete Pump Accident

A fiery crash involving a big-rig and several other vehicles killed at least five people early Friday afternoon in Rialto, leaving both directions of the 10 Freeway closed for hours, according to the California Highway Patrol. The big rig was traveling westbound on the 10 shortly before 1 p.m. when, for an unknown reason, it veered toward the median, crashed through the guardrail and burst into flames near the Riverside Avenue exit, according to CHP Officer Brian Alvarez.

The massive vehicle, apparently a concrete pump truck, continued to travel across all eastbound lanes, striking multiple other vehicles, he said.

At least five people were killed in the chain-reaction crash, according to CHP.  An unknown number of vehicles caught fire, Alvarez said.

CHP Officer Steve Carapia told KTLA five vehicles were involved, including a motorcycle. The agency's incident log initially indicated the total number of vehicles could be up to eight.

The crash site spanned all lanes of the eastbound 10, with the big rig overturned and a dump truck on a grassy area on the side of the roadway. Two cars appeared to be totaled, Sky5 aerial video over the scene showed.

First responders are still searching the scene for possible additional victims, according to Carapia.

"In my 10 years, it's probably the most horrific I've been to," he said.

Around 1:40 p.m., CHP indicated the eastbound lanes would be closed for eight to 10 hours, while westbound lanes were expected to be shut down for three hours.

Traffic was backed up for several miles in both directions shortly as of 3 p.m., the aerial footage showed.

CHP is urging drivers to avoid the 10 Freeway. To get around the crash, westbound motorists can take the 215 Freeway north to the 210 or south to the 60, Alvarez said. Eastbound travelers can take the 15 Freeway north to the 210 or south to the 60.

Anyone who recorded dashcam video of the crash was asked call CHP at 909-383-4247.

Todd 02-16-2018
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a few more pictures. 

Todd 02-17-2018
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So so sad

Todd 02-17-2018
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Unanswered calls lead to heartbreaking realization for stepdaughter of man killed in fiery crash

When Maylette Brown saw news reports about a deadly freeway crash near Rialto, one of the cars looked familiar to her. Brown, who was on her way to visit her parents in Twentynine Palms, called her stepfather, Duddley White. He didn't pick up. As the hours passed, she kept calling. By 8:30 p.m., the calls were going straight to voicemail. "At 10:30, I got the phone call from the sheriff's department in Twentynine Palms," said Brown, 44, of Winchester. "I just told them I knew, I felt it, and I just wanted to make sure."

White, 74, was one of five people killed when a concrete truck traveling eastbound on the 10 Freeway near Rialto swerved through the center divider shortly before 1 p.m. Friday. The truck careened into the westbound lanes, crashing head-on into a smaller truck and four other cars and sparking a fire, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Five people, all occupants of vehicles struck by the truck, were pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said. The truck driver, who was not identified, sustained only minor injuries and was not hospitalized, according to California Highway Patrol Sgt. Spencer Badal.

The cause of the crash remains unclear. The victims were severely burned, and none have been positively identified yet, Badal said.

The crash left several vehicles overturned and charred in the roadway, shutting down some lanes for more than 12 hours, authorities said. The freeway was not fully reopened until roughly 8 a.m. Saturday, Badal said.

CHP investigators will conduct a "full mechanical review" of the truck, but Badal said those hoping for answers will likely have to wait.

"Their report will take a considerable amount of time," he said.

The concrete truck was registered to Western Concrete Pumping, a company based in Vista in San Diego County, according to Badal. An employee who answered the phone at the company's office declined to comment. The company was formed in 1986 and does business in California, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arizona, according to its website.

Brown said her stepfather, who raised her from a young age, was a retired machinist and avid billiards player who cared for her mother in Twentynine Palms. A consummate handyman, White still performed repairs on all the family vehicles. He was driving home from a hardware store when the wreck occurred, Brown said.

"He was well-known, very respected," she said of her father's reputation around Twentynine Palms.

Times staff writer Richard Winton contributed to this report.

180 flyer 02-23-2018
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Bad deal all around and condolences to the families of the deceased.

My son is a CHP officer. If in fact the operator was out of hours, he may well be charged with manslaughter.  The CHP has a special team that investigates accidents like this. Your standard issue patrolman will have a small report, but the final analysis will be done by experts. I don't know how long it may take, but you can bet any underlying causes such as hours of service violations or mechanical problems will come to light. I'd lay odds there will be increased enforcement efforts aimed toward concrete pumps for a while here in CA. 

I'm done pumping concrete, but during my 30 years in ready mix and concrete pumping, lawyers always told me there is no such thing as forced dispatch. If you are illegal, it's on you, not the company. So all you young guys, do not let dispatch try and force you to run if you are out of hours. Know your state and federal Hours of Service laws and stick to them. Know how much rest time you are required to have before you head out again. Hours of service violations are not an "Owners Responsibility" ticket. Progressive and solid employers will relieve you on the job so you won't be illegal. Any that won't probably aren't worth working for anyway. 

Hours of service laws were written in blood. Don't add to the blood already spilled. 

Again, a bad deal all around for everybody involved. My CHP son hates responding to these types of accidents. Be safe out there.