Why Delaying things treatment can increase erectile dysfunction
ginnymiller943 02-20-2023
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The first step to treating erectile dysfunction is identifying the causes of it. The problem can be caused by a variety of factors, including physical conditions and aging. Some men experience ED as a side effect of a chronic medical condition, while others experience this problem because of a mental health problem. There are manty medicine available in the market to cure it like:

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Managing sexual problems caused by depression can be a long process, and it will take some effort on both sides. A healthy diet and lifestyle can help. Physical exercise increases the flow of blood to the penis and improves overall health. This can help a depressed person improve his or her sex life and improve his or her mental health.

In men with depression, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can affect their libido and sex drive. In addition, the condition can affect a man's erection, leaving him feeling depressed and anxious.