DC inverter heat pump
gtheatpump 07-22-2021
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It is the real full inverter heat pump by DC inverter compressor, DC inverter control system and DC inverter fan motor. Inverter technology makes it possible to automatically adapt the compressor and fan rotation speed to the house heating needs and to weather conditions. Variable-speed fans with an innovative patented fan blade shape ensure improved air distribution at exceptionally low noise levels.

The result: an even more silent heat pump with an optimal output (COP).

R32 DC Inverter Heat Pump REFRIGERANT

It takes R32 refrigerant which is a promising next generation refrigerant for heating and cooling swimming pool. As R32 is a perfect choice according to the EU's HFCs phase-down and the quota system. Compared to the refrigerants widely used today, such as R-22 and R-410A, R32 has a global warming potential that is two-third lower and it is remarkable for its low environmental impact, which speed up the its popularity in the industry.