joey 09-25-2009
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If everyone would spend even half their time looking for work as apposed to competition bashing, then maybe more Operators could pay their bills!

Just a thought!


ps.I could personally care less what rumors are flying around about the competition, to me this is what really matters!!! Pump on!!!:)

steadyeddy 09-25-2009
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Tank 09-25-2009
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is the operator takeing a piss??

ShortStik 09-25-2009
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sure looks like it haha

agreed, the only problem is there is not any more big pump on jobs for the time being.  seems now is when the shits flys and we'll see who stays the cleanest.  talk is cheap and everybodies broke

if your an operator, my advise is stay ignorant to the politics.  keep waving if you see the competion going the other way, focus on the task at hand, keep the machine ready and clean and "Keep Doing It Right" SEI.  a return request will come from the custumer.  if you aint happy, LEAVE.  there aint many hours to pass around so why would dispatch call someone unhappy to be doing the job or working for a company one chose.

Mudslinger 09-25-2009
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Hey Joey: Is that the Inspector peeing on your wheels?? What's up with that?

Pumprat 09-26-2009
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Looks like break time. Must be eating his lunch on the battery box!

joey 09-28-2009
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Thats our bowlegged mechanic listening to the pump. You know how those Schwings whine! This was taken Sept 19th, 2009. Nice to see these big pours, doesnt happen often these days! TOO FUNNY!!!