Self Loading Concrete Mixer
junhua 04-26-2021
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Self loading concrete  is the combination of concrete mixer and transit mixer. It can automatically feed, weigh, mix and discharge concrete, which greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce production cost and time. Equipped with a powerful engine and 4 wheels steering, the self loading concrete mixer is just like a small truck and the operator can drive it to where it needs to go. It is very convenient for loading material, such as cement, aggregate, stone. All working from feeding material to discharging concrete can be done by one operator.


1. Mobile, very convenient to move, especially in small project site.

2. Automatic loading and discharging, which will largely improve working efficiency.

3. Easy operation, high mixing quality and high working efficiency.

4. Easy maintenance, which will largely save labors for construction projects.

5. Independent water supply system ensures the high quality of concrete.

6. Short mixing time. It assures the high productivity.