Why ROTG and GPS are so important.
Todd 07-31-2023
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Why Using Rapid Apps GPS and Electronic Job tickets are so important.

We polled 6 of our largest longer running customers using our GPS and ROTG Operator Software and here are the numbers they gave us.

Clients report approximately 95% improvement in accuracy for Operator hours. ROTG links time reporting (paid time) by the operator with the time being billed to the customer.  By linking the timecard with the billing, there are fewer discrepancies with operators on hours worked which eliminates the potential for operators claiming time worked in error.

Clients report an average of 44% more second round jobs. ROTG gives dispatchers accurate information on the status of a job.  If the operator finishes pumping, the status will change based on the completion of the job ticket.  Dispatchers no longer get misinformation from an operator that is interested in going home versus doing another job. 

Clients report on average a 66% less back charges. For reasons listed on Item 2, fewer late arrivals to jobsites which reduces chargebacks for crew time waiting on a concrete pump.


Our Clients Customers prefer to get their Job Tickets and Invoices by email. 94% Quicker billing leads to more accurate billing.  Less oversight needed.


These numbers very from company to company but I averaged the numbers between all the companies and given you the stats. Here are the numbers in summary.

Hours, 95% more accurate Labor numbers.

Increase ability to do second round jobs 44%

66% Less Back Charges

94% of our customers clients prefer digital job ticket and invoice over paper.