“Concrete Pumping MarketPlace” Coming Soon!!

ConcretePumping.com and Rapid Applications are working together to bring you “Concrete Pumping MarketPlace”, dedicated to OEM and aftermarket parts and systems for concrete pumps. We are now soliciting OEMs and all aftermarket ware parts and system suppliers. This will be the perfect place for OEM and aftermarket products, including new and old stock. “Concrete Pumping MarketPlace” will be online at ConcretePumping.com as well as integrated into ERP maintenance systems. As of right now, Conforms is the first to market but we will be adding vendors rapidly.

We look forward to hearing from you. For more information please email todd.bullis@rapidappsinc.com or give me a call at 805 404-4450.

Source: http://concretepumping.com/topic/concrete-pumping-marketplace-coming-soon