About Us

ConcretePumping.com was created to help to bring the concrete pumping industry closer together. My dream is to bring together our industry in such a way as information flows between interested parties allowing for faster development and advancement of the concrete pumping industry.

I believe that success in our industry revolves around applying today’s technology to our industry. We help bring this to life in many ways. Here are a few of the ways that we have helped bring today’s technology to the Concrete Pumping Industry.

1. Created a portal organizing the Concrete Pumping Industry.
2. Created Pump Magic 1.0 and Pump Magic 2.0.
3. Published and produced many how to and safety articles.
4. Helped connect people with the correct forms of help and training.

And finally we have produced My.ConcretePumping.com which allows everyone in our industry to have a voice and connect with those who feel outside the information base, allowing them to get help and to help others.

I would like to thank those who support and sponsor the work we do and I hope that these technologies have helped you and your company.

Quotes by supporters of our work:

Todd has bought about the biggest and most significant changes in the concrete pumping industry in the last 10 years.

President PumpStar
Soubhi Naddaf


About our power-line safety article. “I consider this to be an industry leading piece of safety literature!” “Overwhelming amount of consideration for the article and incredible work…..Awesome job!”

Steve Lucht