First time a concrete pump has been donated at WOC

Alliance Concrete Pumps, Norcal Kenworth and Kenworth Truck Company Donate Truck-Mounted 38M Concrete Pump to CIM Auction at World of Concrete.

CIM is pleased to announce that a signature item for our annual auction at World of Concrete is a truck-mounted 38M concrete pump donated by Alliance Concrete Pumps, NORCAL Kenworth and Kenworth Truck Company. 


“We are very appreciative of the support from Alliance Concrete Pumps, NORCAL Kenworth and Kenworth Truck Company,” said Ben Robuck, CIM Auction Committee Chairman. “Their support speaks volumes to their commitment to the concrete industry and the importance these leading companies place on the CIM program. This truck-mounted concrete pump will help ensure a successful CIM Auction at the 2022 World of Concrete.”

“Alliance Concrete Pumps is excited to donate their most popular boom pump model to the CIM auction,” said Clayton White, President and CEO, Alliance Concrete Pumps. “We are also very proud to be part of procuring young and up-and-coming talent for the concrete industry.” 

MSRP of Pump & Truck Combination: $435,000

Specifications for this truck-mounted 38M concrete pump include:

General Specifications:

·    Pipe Size (ID)            125 mm (5")

·    Boom Control          Proportional (by HAWE)

·    Radio Remote          Scanreco wireless dual transmitter

·    Vibrator                     Standard

·    Water Pump             Hydraulic Power 20 bar (290 psi)

·    Water Tank               800 L (211 G)

·    Wear Parts                Carbide

Boom Specifications:

·    Number of booms    4 Sections

·    Folding type              Z Fold

·    Vertical height          37.1 m (121 ' 9")

·    Horizontal reach       33.1 m (108 ' 7")

·    Unfolding height       8.9 m (29' 2")

·    1st Section                 8.98 m (29' 5")

·    2nd Section                7.85 m (25' 9")

·    3rd Section                 7.94 m (26' 1")

·    4th Section                 8.33 m (27' 4")

·    Outrigger                    X-Style

·    Front Spread              6.3 m (20' 8")

·    Rear Spread               7.0 m (23')

The Kenworth conventional chassis includes:

·    Model:                       T880

·    Wheelbase                290”

·    Engine                        Paccar MX-13 455HP

·    Transmission:            Allison 4500RDS 6-speed automatic

·    Front Axle                  20,000 lbs.

·    Rear Axle                   46,000 lbs. Neway air suspension

·    Base Warranty          12 month/100,000 mile

Annual CIM Auction

JANUARY 19, 2022

West Hall | Room W106 | LVCC