Rapid Applications introduces Geofencing

Rapid Applications introduces Geofencing 


Why is Geofencing so important to the Concrete Pumping Industry? 

 Would you like to know if your operator did not show up in the morning?   

Would you like an alert before it is too late? 


Geofencing provides real time data and accountability as well as automation of manual procedures cutting down on errors while building your reputation as a company.

Here are but a few of the Benefits of Geofencing for the Concrete Pumping Industry. 


1) Automated/Real Time Job Status Updating  


  1. When operators are In Route to a job, at the job or has cleared the job Returning to the yard, dispatch will automatically update in real time. 

  1. Eliminate or drastically reduce intercompany phone communication. 


2) Automatic Job Ticket Time Entry For Invoices  


  1. Based on the Geofencing status’s, the Invoice becomes auto populated with accurate times. 

  1. You no longer have to have faith-based data, Geofencing makes it easy.  


3) Automated ETA/Distance For Next Location  


  1. Based on the Jobsite Locations, Second Rounds, and Yards, Geofencing will give dispatch ETAs and Distances for arrival. 

  1. The ability for Dispatch to quickly view ETAs/Distance improves efficiency for the dispatcher as well as increasing customer confidence. 



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