1,350 foot push through 2" line!! - A1 Concrete Pumping & REED C50SS Pump
REEDPumps 05-17-2018
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this is a pretty unusual jobiste setup - environmental concerns and mix designs caused A1 Concrete Pumping in Poway, California to set up this jobsite by:

a) using a crane to lift and drop the REED C50SS pump over the environmentally sensitive area
b) use a 47M boom pump to pump concrete over the bushes and into the REED C50SS
c) powerful REED C50SS Line Pump pushed the sweet pea-gravel mix through 1,350 feet of 2" line!!

THANKS A1 Concrete Pumping!!

Mike @ REED Pumps 

REEDPumps 05-18-2018
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According to Matt Smith with A1 Concrete Pumping: "

Thank you for the interest in this particular job.I will try and summarize the progression of it.AM Ortega (contractor) approached Todd Beuck (lead estimator/sales manager at A-1 Pumpcrete) and Tim Regan (A-1 Pumpcrete owner) about concrete placement options which were extremely limited. SDGE (job site owner) needed to place “Arizona crossings” (thick slabs) above their major gas lines to prevent erosion so gas lines weren’t compromised ,this solution had originally been conceived in 2009. What made this job so difficult was very limited access , inaccessible roads and an environmentally fragile nature preserve. The original plan was to helicopter the concrete in to place, but due to budget concerns SDGE wanted to explore other options.SDGE contracted A.M. Ortega as their concrete contractor.A.M. Ortega contacted Todd Bueck to go over a limited option plan which was to utilize a small section of Caltrans property to set up 47m putzmeister boom pump to reach over a 100ft section of inaccessible nature preserve belt.From here the decision was either to run pipeline directly off boom or crane a trailer pump over nature preserve as well.Due to the extreme length of push it was decided a high pressure Reed c50ss was the ideal tool for the job. Choosing the Reed meant the option of running small line was possible and very much integral to the success of the placements.A boom pump would have had a much more difficult time reducing from 10in cylinders to even 4in pipeline so that option was ruled out.Much of the pipeline route is difficult to just walk on without carrying any kind of load. Also ready mix options were very limited as well, a 3250psi “city mix” was a mandatory job spec which are not known to be pump friendly.Superior Ready Mix’s Matthew Eyer consulted with A.M. Ortega about a couple of slight modifications to the mix to make it  a little bit more long distance pump friendly.From there the job was handed over to long distant pumping specialists Hector Balvenada,Bryan Cunningham and Andrew Musbach.They all concurred that the Reed c50ss was the pump to use and it could easily handle the 1350ft push through the terrain friendly 2in system.Hector routinely does 600-800 foot pump jobs with his c50ss.After all the pre pour planning the 9200lb  Reed was lifted into place by a hydraulic crane and set into its new home.On pour day the 47m Putzmeister set up on its pad and reached to the hopper of the Reed trailer pump to feed the concrete.The day of the longest push the Reed was carefully monitored to stay below 300 bar of pressure which was easily maintained.All of the pours went off without a hitch not a single plug on primeouts nor during placements.With the right equipment for the job each of the days appeared to be just another day in the office.