2005 40M putz on 3
BrutalOne 04-13-2005
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I am to have one of these to run come june I was reading the article in concretete pumping magazine about the truck.I am curious if any of you have any expierance with this pump.According to the article the fron outrigger spread is only 20 feet 11 inches.And the weight is the same as a 36 meteri was curious if the pump had bad boom bounce and bad stibility from all the specs it seems it would.Im sure the engineers who designed it know what they are doing i was just curious if any of you have any real world expierance with the 40 on 3 ThanksThis message was edited by BrutalOne on 4-13-05 @ 5:41 PM

Bob 04-14-2005
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I have watched that machine and it is very stable. One of the things that makes it so is the Z boom which is always at least 50 - and more often 75% full of concrete. ;)

brian1 04-21-2005
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Brutal one: The 40 meter is a great pump. We pump with it everyday... Great all around pump, no complaints yet... t