2020 tk40 wont take grease
Calhoun 05-11-2022
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Hello, I’m pretty new to the pumping world as I recently shut down a masonry company due to the national tragedy that folks in Alabama call lazy people that don’t want to work. Anyway I decided since I had a pump already I’d do it full time for the public and I enjoy it. That being said I have a 2020 Putzmeister tk40 that refuses the grease. I have tried air grease guns, electric, and manual guns and nothing will work. I know there’s a blockage so my question is this: where should I look first? I’m sure you all know how it works having the one fitting going into a grease block then out to its several destinations! I’ve actually took lines off at certain areas to check for grease pressure only to find there isn’t any. So do I chase the problem starting at the entry side of the block or what? I mean it’s flipping grease, how do you plug up a grease line? Surely it’s gonna be some dried cement in the way at a grease point but then why is it not greasing anywhere else? Anything would suffice guys. Thanks in advance  for the help. 

SUPERDOFFER 05-11-2022
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Calhoun 05-18-2022
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Thanks for the video link. I feel dumb for even asking the question. Now I know what I need to look at and check for lubricant. Thanks again! 

SUPERDOFFER 01-05-2023
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if you ask you are just a moment dumb, a wise old men told me.

orygun 01-23-2023
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my biggest problem was marine grease cuz it would cake up. so on a hot day with a electric gun and a locker tip i could blow some of the build up clear. other wise i have pulled the back end off and cleaned it without replacing much once i was in there.

Droffats 05-18-2023
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Lock N Lube grease gun tips really help push out a blocked grease issue