37M Liebherr Boom Pump - Demo Tour Videos
REED 03-11-2015
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Here's video of a few of the demo's Eric Wright (he's with Liebherr Concrete Technologies) did back in 2014 with a new 37M Liebherr Boom Pump (we mounted it here at the REED factory in Chino, California).

Please let us know if you'd like to schedule a demo at your location.


Mike Newcomb
REED Concrete Pumps
Tel: 909-287-2100

REED 03-11-2015
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hmmm...sorry about that. Not sure why that youtube link didn't work - but this link below should be OK...



- Mike

REED 03-11-2015
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Annnnnd as long as I'm at it, here's some information about Liebherr Boom Pumps from their brochure:

There are many reasons for choosing a Liebherr boom pump:

Liebherr's versatile "XXT" Dragonfly system. Liebherr's patented XXT Outrigger System offers advantages for everyday applications on jobsites. For example, with the narrow support option the front outriggers can be extended up to the front of the vehicle, allowing a greater working range of up to 70%. In particular, pumping concrete over the operator's cab can often be extremely advantageous, and this would not be possible with other types of outriggers.

Made in Germany with extensive testing and material inspections

State-of-the-art hydraulics ensure cost-effective operation

Easier and quicker replacement of wear parts. Two piece wear plate can be changed without dismantling the S-tube.

Available in Z-fold, Roll and Fold, and Multi-Fold Designs.

Balanced weight distribution resulting from alternating pipeline on the left-hand and right-hand boom side, as well as the torsional resistant steel structure, ensures smoothness (almost zero boom bounce).

Arrangement of the pipeline close to the boom, combined with the large-sized pins and hydraulic cylinders contribute to a safe and consistent movement of the boom. Additionally, The reduced boom width is highly advantageous when inserting the boom into openings in buildings.

Pipe bends are predominantly the same, making the storage and purchase of wear parts easier.

Hopper has smooth surfaces and no protruding edges - this minimizes buildup and makes cleaning the hopper easier.

Open hydraulic circuit and precision control ensures high pump outputs with excellent efficiency, as well as a powerful S-tube changeover. Unlike the other manufactuers' hydraulic systems, the main pumping cylinders and the shift cylinders are pressurized by the main pump. The advantages of this advanced system are: no storage charging pumps are necessary, no feed pump necessary, no stored accumulator pressure necessary (no risk of changeover due to stored energy when out of PTO ), THEREFORE you can achieve increased power with the S-tube changeover, servicing is simplified, you get improved oil cooling due to increased oil volumes, constant/identical Swing-pipe changeovers times (not dependent on concrete consistency).

Reliability is largely dependent upon the quality of the components in the hydraulic system. Liebherr therefore only uses components from renowned manufacturers, which have undergone meticulous testing. The hydraulic circuits are monitored by a diagnostic module. The diagnostic module allows an overall view of the functions of the hydraulic circuits.

Liebherr booms come with a state-of-the-art radio remote control. Alternatively, the cable-operated remote control offers the same functions. Additionally, Liebherr Boom Pumps feature alternative control options, guaranteeing the possibility of continued pumping in all situations.

1= Normal control mode (operation via sensors and controller)
2 = Emergency mode (a): Operation without sensors (hydraulic pressure only)
3= Emergency mode (b) Operation without controller (backup control via relay in the switch cabinet)

Liebherr boom pumps are available with boom sizes from 17M to 58M. Various fold designs are possible, depending on the respective size. There is also a range of supports with 4 different variants of outriggers to choose from. Output sizes between 110 and 218 cubic yards per hour can be combined for pumping units.

Tank 03-11-2015
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couldn't quite tell for sure,  Did I see a Line Dragon On the first pour??

REED 03-12-2015
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Hi Tank - yep, according to Eric there were a few Line Dragons helping with the 225 ft of 4 inch line on that R & S demo shown at http://www.reedpumps.com/liebherrdemovideo2014.htm 

We hear nothing but good things about those Line Dragons...

- Mike

Tank 03-14-2015
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I heard that pour went very good. Something like 125 yards on hour or so? 

Seed 03-15-2015
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Good looking machine with some very interesting engineering work……