46m putzmeizter looses remote signal
CODpumping 01-10-2019
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My boom started loosing remote signal, at first I thought it was remote battery faulty, connection, dirty, loose etc. None of that then I thought it was the antenna faulty, removed cleaned and nothing, then I noticed that if we pumped slowly, at 1200 rpm’s it pumped ok (took forever) but once we tried to raise the rpm’s it’ll instantly disconnect after first stroke. We pumped fine at 1200, at one time the cement dried up a little in pipes, I almost had a heart attack because I couldn’t raise power to reverse and forward. Operator finally worked his magic and got it through, we finished the job fine at 1200 rpms. Please if anyone knows what this could be or any ideas I would highly appreciate the input, I am diesel mechanic but the pump stuff is completely different, I can do any repairs if told how to, thanks in advance 

ShortStik 01-11-2019
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thats an odd one.  what happens when you pump with the remote disconnected?

mcratchet 01-11-2019
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Does it operate fine with hard wire? how does your weather caps look on remote? open the transmitter and radio and look for signs of moisture or corrosion. could be a faulty switch on remote also call Mark at putz hes in the tech support side but he used to repair radios really sharp guy he'll point you in the right direction if you dont see anything obvious

CODpumping 01-11-2019
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Guys thank you for the reply, I fixed it, I took some time with a fresh free of stress mind and I went through everything carefully, I noticed the PTO light was not lighting I thought it was the bulb burnt but No it was a 3amp 32v fuse that had blown and it didn’t send signal to the bulb and I’m assuming to other electrical components, once I replaced it BOOM!!! Hahaha a whole brand new pump!!! What a relief!!