5-2.5" Reducer
b-alto 12-08-2017
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Anyone have a good idea for reducing down to a 2.5" hose off a boom? I pump a lot of ICF walls and if using a Pea Rock mix it would be nice to ease the mud in with a 2.5" whip. I currently use a 5-3" reducing hose but this still puts a lot of extra pressure on the walls. Any one ever seen a 5-2.5" reducing hose or a 5-2.5" reducer? Yes I know I could hang 10 feet of iron off the end, but thats not a good idea in my opinion.



Michael C 12-08-2017
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Conforms sells them in a 30, 36 and 48 inch length. Reach out to Conforms and they can help you.

mcratchet 12-12-2017
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we pour alot of icf also we use 3" lay flat hose and all our customers love them easy to handle good steady flow even pumping slow and they can kink it off real easy when they jump to windows