5" line adaptable to do blockfill & shotcrete?
WgtnPumps 10-09-2018
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Hey all

Newbie here, sorry in advance.  I've just bought my first pump and should receive it in a couple weeks (a refurbished Schwing BPA750 - early 90s classic!).   It's got a 5" pipe as standard, but I'm wondering how adaptable that is.

Ideally I'd like to offer blockfill and shotcrete to customers with this machine (as well as the usual drives and slabs), but I'm not sure if it's practical and doable reducing the 5".  I'd look at using steel reducers (5->3 then 3->2.5).  Do you think this set up would work decently?  (with the occasional plug of course :/)

If you think I can reduce the 5 to 2.5 reasonably reliably for every 2nd or 3rd job, how far down the line would you set as a maximum for using the reducers?  The more of my 5" pipe I can use before putting in the reducer, the less 2.5" pipe/hose I have to buy to double up on the coverage.

Cheers everyone!