A Canadian operator dreaming working down south
Ti-so 04-12-2015
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I am still seeing a lot of operator needed everywhere.I would really like to know where do i start if i want to go working down south for next winter.I own my own co with my brother for the past 12 years.I would  drive down with my wife and kids living in our travel trailer at nearby campground.

Last i got in contact with an owner down Lousiana,but during that time, we ve learned that my mother s wife had breast cancer so we back up.

So if anyone knows how this could be possible willing to stay for 4 months the first year(mid december/mid april).

thank you


Generation 3 Pumper 04-14-2015
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Sent you a private message M.A.

Reco36 04-18-2015
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Hey I Am also Corius on how hard it would be to work south for the winter 

biged 04-18-2015
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Guys I worked construction all my life you guys want to get away from the cold witch is ok but when the table is turned and we want to come north to work when our jobs slow down your country want let us come up there to work.

Grandad 03-28-2016
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You know its funny how governments. Twice now I have been hired by manufacturers in the USA and been told with my experience education etc. that getting a work visa would be no problem to the point of having flights and hotels booked and kissing the wife goodbye only to be held up by issues with getting a work visa.  Now that being said I constantly am working with gentlemen that have come across the border and are working but have never been turned away at the border.  As a matter of fact I had to make phone calls at the border just to go to a service school.  Is it really both governments because from my own personal experience the door only opens one way.

I tried starting my own business and consult but apparently not having a degree doesn't make me a consultant.  Not that 31yrs of pretty much every aspect of concrete placing means anything that is something you learn in a university in 3 or 4 years.  That is sarcasm if anyone cares.

Ti-so 04-18-2015
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hey biged

i am not the gouvernment i am only a concrete pump operator seeing that there is a lack of operator on your side and i want to see if there s possibilies for me to come help and creating relationship .Actually i don t care about the cold weather i just want to work full bore year rond. has i understand,down south your rush is like january to may and us it s our down time of the year so...if i can give my kids a chance to see other parts of the world while working why not....

SUPERDOFFER 03-21-2016
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Hi Ti.so I think it is a lot easyer to look for a summer job on the other side of the ocean.. Because Canada is stil a part of the great britich kingdom , Canadian citizens are welcom to work in the european union.

Ti-so 03-21-2016
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loll,It s a long way with my wife and kids traveling with our traveltrailer!!!!For sure,it should be easier because in the usa it s near impossible.

gboom 03-24-2016
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Tiso, i think your best bet is to come down on a temporary work visa, and find a company you can work for. If you drive your pump across the border, that is going to raise many, many flags, plus there is, as you can imagine, the liability insurance, workmans comp, and the list goes on...but keep us posted 

Ti-so 03-25-2016
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Hi Gboom

My pump will stay in my shop for my brother to work with while i ll be south working for someone with their pump as an operator only.But i ve contact a person whose work is to help poeple to have temporary visa. 

Answer was:The company whose going to hire me has is share to do with the immigration requirement before he can present my application  to them and after all that my chances are still low to my temporary visa delivered.

This means :the owner has to spent money,time and without any confirmation of any kind that my application will be  kept by the immigration.

All this due to usa middle class economy .i totally understand and i can t do anything about it.

I should have a been Doctor!!!

bisley57 03-25-2016
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Lots of work in Louisiana,but,you must pay your dues by working 1 summer down here.

fullyloaded 03-28-2016
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I am also from Canada but thinking hard on semi-retiring ..So I was a little curious about going south for a few months to keep the wife happy and just pump if someone needs help for a few days or whatever ..It is nice to keep  busy if only for a day or two a week .Not good at sitting around and always willing to learn a different way of doing things . My  father always said  you  never stop learning till you die...