A good friend passed
biged 08-01-2016
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Todd I know you new Ray McNair,from Birmingham,Al I got word today that Ray Passed away right now that's all I know he had been sick for a long time he had Smoked for many years I bought my 2007 545  Olin pump from him I have to say he taught me how to pump concrete over the phone he sold a lot of Reed Gunite Machines, Hose and parts he even made some parts we kelp in touch since I sold out and retired the last time I talked to him was about a month ago then he was filling orders from home .

RJB 08-02-2016
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Sorry to hear about Ray.  He will be missed.

b-alto 08-07-2016
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Sorry to hear about Ray (AKA Godfather). He was an excellent mechanic and concrete pumper. I spent many years on his website discussing and learning concrete pumping.

biged 08-08-2016
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Brian we all learned a lot from Ray 

he made a lot of guy mad but it was

Rays style, he fought with suppliers making

Worthless parts so he made his own better than

ever he also made Hose Sleds ask Tank he has some,Ray had a one of a kind Business

He tried a couple of times to sell either no one had the money or just couldn't handle it.

crete 08-09-2016
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Same here,Ray always had good advice. Sometimes I didn't get what he was trying to teach me because I was so new to pumping. I think I frustrated poor Ray. We will all miss his lifetime of knowledge now that he's gone. Terry