Damage 03-23-2005
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I recently had my home damaged by a concrete pumping truck laying slab at the property next door. The company acts like its no big deal. It took out the wall of my garage. Is there any legal liability for this company?

desertrat 03-23-2005
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of course ,exact circumstances will define who the fault lies with.was the pump being directed by someone?

super_pumper 03-24-2005
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what pump company and do you have any pics of the pump doing the damageThis message was edited by super_pumper on 3-24-05 @ 2:47 PM

Justapumper 03-24-2005
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Doesnt matter which company they are resposible for the safety. If they arent amking a big deal of it Im guessing they have had, to have their insurance company cover this before. Doesnt matter who was giving directions to the operator, it was his responsibilty again. What I said might not be popular but, it is the truth. The only time you are exempted is if say, their was a hidden danger. As an example you set-up where the contractor said to and, their is a sewer line, that gives way from the weight. Then it is the contractors fault. Otherwise the operator has the choice to not set up if it isnt safe. I have refused to set up a couple of times, due to safety. The contractor didnt like it but, I dont care. I was doing what was right.

DAVEtinkle 03-27-2005
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