Adjusting Putzmeister Cutting Ring
Travelteck 02-07-2012
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A little while back I posted how to mount a wear plate in a Putz hopper. I told you I would follow up with more about setting cutting ring setting.

Alsa dont forget Never get into a hopper with the unit running!! Lock out Tag out! or any pressure on the accumulator gauge.

Keys in your pocket.......Wink

I did this a whild back but it is still good info

There has been a lot of misconception through the years about tightening the cutting ring on a putz. To much and the tube will bind when pumping concrete, to loose and grout will get behind and “jack” the cutting ring against the spectacle plate and bind again or leak grout causing pumping issues due to loss of grout.


In the past we recommended the s-tube be tightened to a gap of 3mm (this is the gap between the cutting ring and the s-tube see picture) using the 65 mm tension nut on the back of the hopper. To obtain a more consistent and uniform tension on the cutting ring, the standard tensioning procedure has been modified to the following. This is assuming that all is clean flat and in good condition including the cutting ring spring.


Step 1 tighten the hex nut up until the cutting ring is touching the spectacle plate but not compressing the spring, do not apply pressure to the cutting ring spring- Just tighten till the cutting ring is touching the spectacle plate solidly. This is your starting point.


Step 2 turn the Hex nut 180° or ½ turn clockwise, the cut on the threads will apply 1.5mm of pre tension on the cutting ring spring, you might need to turn the nut a little to line up the lock plate.


Step 3 Install and torque the pinch bolts. Torque for the pinch bolts is 210 Nm or 155 Ft Lbs. It is vital to torque these pinch bolts, failure to do so will result in premature wear of the s-tube splines.


Step 4 reinstall the lock plate and torque the bolts to 86 Nm or 63 Ft Lbs.


Test shift the unit to ensure the S-tube is shifting smooth and even side to side.

When done install the safety cover over the moving parts.




Travelteck 02-07-2012
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The old way of adjusting by measuring the gap is not as reliable.

also you can see the cutting ring spring is worn out, it would need to be replaced. as well as the grout needs to be cleaned out of the grove. Just tightning the cutting ring is going to cause a binding problem that will be a problem on the job tomorow.

Travelteck 02-07-2012
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To turn or not to turn that is a question I am asking you?????Cool

gillrod1 02-07-2012
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thank you. that is good info

ALMIMA 02-16-2012
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I like this sort of information! But can you tell me why one of my pumps allways wear out the right side of the googleplate - way too long before the left side - even though i turn the cutring 90 degree, when i see it´s a little worn (about every 100 pumphour). But the right tubehole in the googleplate is allways worn out long before the left hole on every googleplate. It has allways bin so from the pump was brandnew. And it´s of course a Putzmeister - my company´s pumpbrand!

I believe the angle on the S-tube to the googleplate is not exactly in the centre - Right/left-shifting (just a thouhgt). Or can you give me your thought about it?

As an add in my reply is that i do exactly as you tell us in your post - i use Putzmeisters manualfolder as other men use bigunsmagazines.....a kind of. 

Sinopacker 04-02-2022
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Thanks so much for sharing cutting ring setting. Wear plate & cutting rings was worn much at pouring. Your kind sharing is good for daily maintenance.