air cuff vs blade shut-off valve
Ti-so 03-28-2016
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Hi everyone

I am actually in the market of buying an air cuff but after seeing the videos of the conform blade shut off valve,i think about buying the blade.

What is changing my mind is my routine;

-Pumping 99% of my job with a rough neck

- always taking of my rough neck 5-3 after each job.The blade  seems  to be less trouble to put it on and off and fold.

-No stress on the hose so longer life.

- i do often 2 - 3 jobs back to back without cleaning,do you think i can fold with either one?

most be pricy and what is the maintenance required?

I have no experience with any of these device,Advice are welcome!!!

Michael C 03-28-2016
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1) You need to watch the weight restrictions on your truck. If your truck has 4.6 or 4.4 pipe on it, you probably have a much lower tip weight restriction and need to be careful what you put on.

2) Conforms has a tip weight calculator that helps determine what you can hang off the boom with the blade shut off to make sure your with in weight guidelines.

3) Conforms would like the unit integrated into your pump switch with a delay. They can help with the parts for that if your unit does not have the delay integrated into it.

4) The blade shut off stays on the unit and does not get removed so you can move faster. The air cuff has to be removed when moving or it will hit the boom and possibly damage it.

5) The blade shut off has to be greased meticulously after you clean out everyday.

6) The blade shut off is completely rebuildable, the air cuff is not.

7) Both units are fairly simple to install. The aircuff controls get wired on the truck and one air hose gets run to the tip from the truck. The blade shutoff takes power or the signal from the truck and sends it to a solenoid on the tip you will have to put there. You will also run 1 air line to the tip for the solenoid. The signal from the truck will send air to the solenoid to open or close the blade.

If you have any more questions, please post or call Conforms at 1-262-284-7800.

Ti-so 03-29-2016
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my pump is a 41sx 2006 with 4.5 pipes ,i think the weight restriction written on the last boom is 200-250 pounds.

Michael C 03-29-2016
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The weight restriction is going to be an issue with your truck. The 41M has a low tip weight. In you situation, the air cuff is the best solution. The blade shut off is too heavy as they use the weight of it full of concrete. The air cuff weight is significantly less and would be your best option with the weight restriction. 03-29-2016
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hosecuffgirl 04-04-2016
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Don't get either, get a hose cuff

SUPERDOFFER 04-05-2016
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The best solution is a 1 meter dubbelender whit an hosecuf. And then you can hookon whatever you want.

In Europe they are busy whit shutof systems for two decades already and I have seen solutions come and go but the hosecuf is the only one that survive in a dayly use

SUPERDOFFER 04-05-2016
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Oh and BTW blade valves don't work whit fibers