MB Concrete 03-03-2008
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I was talking to my dad today, and he started to tell me how awesome the Alliance support is. He does alot of his maintenance on the weekends, this past weekend he ran into some trouble with his remote. For chuckles he called on SUNDAY, THEY ANSWERED !!! They told him on the phone 24/7 !! Helped him within minutes, what a simple machine. Simply amazing!! My dad runs two Alliance, and for a guy that is impossible to satisfy ...... is completely satisfied. Maybe it is time to get rid of my xxxx ?

barleydog 03-06-2008
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Last year needed a part called CIFA on Sunday did not expect to get a live person, JK their ops man has the parts hotline transfered to him on the weekends, he was on the golf coarse, left his game drove to the shop, took my part to fed-x,  I had it in the morning.  Then went back and finished his game. true story call him.