Alpha & Beta Update Week of 7.10.17 New Feature: Operator Checklist
Rapid Apps 07-12-2017
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New Feature:   Operator Checklist

This is a checklist that the operator has to complete as part of his job set up.   Checklist gets automatically sent to the GoTab! unit or Rapid On The Go! Android Application.    

To create a new checklist click the Orange "R" up in the top left corner and select "Operator Checklist".

From this new window you are on the "Checklist Actions" Tab.   From here you can add new checklist items such as;  Check for powerlines, Inspect terrain for proper pump anchoring, etc.   You can also mark whether or not the checklist item is REQUIRED.

Once you have your list of checklist items ready to go click on the tab at the bottom that says "Checklist Management"

From this window you can either populate your checklist items to the "Default checklist" by moving checklist items from the right to the left using the left and right arrows, or you can create an entirely new checklist.

Once you have your checklist(s) in order you can assign them to Customers or Jobsites.

When a checklist is assigned to the customer or jobsite the operator will see the checklist as part of their items to complete on the APP between entering their "Arrived at" time and their "Ready At" time.  

If the operator is not using the Mobile Application he can call into the dispatcher and the dispatcher can manually complete the checklist by opening up the job.  Clicking the drill icon next to where it says "Job checklist" on the very bottom right and clicking the RED checkmark and clicking off each item in the checklist.

New feature:   Prelim notes can now be used when a prelim is not started or a prelim is marked not required.

Bug fixes:  

Adding New Customers and jobsites, 

  1. Lien Central when running the Report:  Collections Summary w/ Lien filters.

Size/Type not loading correct name/label in default pricing.