Any advice for a Newbie?
Concretejutsu 12-05-2016
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I'm a ready mix driver who just got hired to operate a boom pump. Just looking for any friendly tips the community has to offer. Thanks.

mcratchet 12-06-2016
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Keep an eye on those ready mix drivers and may your reducer's never plug

bisley57 12-06-2016
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Be friendly

greyslayer 12-06-2016
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Lots and lots of reading on this website. find the bible that comes with the pump your running read that thing front to back. play with it in the yard after you have been shown how to safely set it up. practise practise practise. and get into a routine. for proper setup and tear down. 

ShortStik 12-08-2016
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hang on to the hopper when walking around the back side of the pump.  watch out for falling ice when opening the boom.  blow out the water lines right after when finished using water and carry a blow torch.  buy a head lamp and good thermal layers.  try not to sweat first thing in the morning or you're cold the rest of the day

Willie60 12-08-2016
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Watch your hours. When you learn what your doing, Its hard to go home. They want to keep you out there.

greyslayer 12-12-2016
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They have you starting out on a boom pump in the start of winter.... oh god I hope your not going out alone. I hope your winters don't get as cold as myne does. very brave to be starting out green in the winter. keep your balls warm in the cab use hot water when you suck your balls I do t know what to say but there is a lot of things that are on the mind while pumping nevery mind in the dead of winter 

Concretejutsu 12-14-2016
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Thanks for the tips guys. First week is going well. Since I know the mixes and driven a mixer in the winter I know how to blowout and what's going in the hopper. It's a process to learn all the things an operator has to watch out for. I'm sure I'm going to be learning for a while even when I'm out on my own.

greyslayer 12-14-2016
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Something to think about also spikes on your boots if it's icy. as I'm waiting to get surgery done on my ankle as I broke it on my first job slipping down a wooden ramp 

ATM14 02-11-2017
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Clean and grease. Clean and grease. If you want to be a good operator, clean and grease. Taking care of your equipment is equally as important as using it. I cannot emphasize this enough. 

CamoPump 05-03-2017
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I know this is an old thread, but ALWAYS look up before you fold up your outriggers!