Any Bad boom pump makers today???
Industry 05-26-2005 comment profile send pm notify

Does anyone make a bad boom pump?The answer has to be no, every manufacture out there makes a good pump.I think they all use much of the same components, you think they all make there booms or the hydraulic pumps or there pump kits, no I think they all buy them, I could be wrong but they order this stuff from Italy. They order there booms, pumps, hydraulics and so on. I might be wrong and if I am than let me here it. So I think the main factor is price, service and ego. SBThis message was edited by Industry on 5-26-05 @ 7:19 AM

Hastings 05-26-2005 reply profile send pm notify

Its like anything get what you pay for. They all pump concrete...but the quality differs...I guess its all about what you need.Jamie

Bob 05-26-2005 reply profile send pm notify

nd if you want a good American car buy a Nissan or Toyota

TheAccumulater 05-26-2005 reply profile send pm notify

Its the engineering and service and commitment and reliability and last but not least , Reputation ! And dang , You got to be lookin gooooood ! Happy Pumpin !I cant get no satisfaction ~!

Hastings 05-26-2005 reply profile send pm notify

When you pay for a pump it includes more than just the are paying for reputation...and with that includes parts availability...not to mention stability...what are the chances that company will still be here in 20 years? And like I said before it just depends on what your after...They all make good machinesJamie

Schwingman 05-27-2005 reply profile send pm notify

35 years, then you should know there is a big difference in quality and service between the brands. The newer companies are trying but they have a way to go yet at least in my eyes.