Bad day.... Hydraulics ... HELP
Niall 04-04-2017
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Hello everyone,

I was pumping with a schwing wp750-15x today and while washing out I lost all hydraulic pressure, I'm thinking the main hydraulic pump is the problem because of there been no pressure,

Anyone ever had this problem, any tips suggestions,  are they difficult to remove.

Thanks in advance  for any help

T-Riffic 04-05-2017
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I run a Schwing p305 last year I lost almost all power and it turned out to be a presser relief valve fairly cheap part unless your hydraulic pump is making some horrible noise and is not cracked and leaking it is  probably something small it might be well worth the little bit of money if you can get a local hydraulic shop to look at it. Worst case scenario if the pump is bad the local shop could probably rebuild it a lot cheaper there then buying a brand new one anyway.

Niall 04-05-2017
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Thanks for the reply T-Riffic, I called into a hydraulic  shop and yeah they  tested the pump and said it was the problem so need to replace it, thanks for the info.

Robpartsman 04-05-2017
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Also, if you can get ahold of a infrared heat gun you can check to see if and where the hydraulic fluid is being bypassed in the system

SUPERDOFFER 04-16-2017
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before you blame the hydraulyc pump. check the flexplate between the engine and the pump