Barracuda concrete cleaner??
Frogburner 03-28-2008 comment profile send pm notify

     So I went to the Conag expo in Vegas and strolled past a booth that had a sheet that said syntech on the top.. I asked the dude what they had to offer for concrete pumps, to keep them cleaner,, he handed the sheet to me and recommened something more like barracuda and ready mix truck wash.. I called the dealer around my area and he said he would send me a sample of each,, My Question is,, has anyone ever tried this stuff?? I use Kwik Sand acid right now from arrow magnolia and it works good, but whats the best out there to get concrete buildup off a truck?? Also  what do you all use to spray on your truck before pumping to keep mud from stickin'??

Larchy 03-28-2008 reply profile send pm notify

Hey art, try just staight hyd oil. It won't swell up the rubber the way diesel does. I tap right into my augger line for a convienient high pressure supply. Just remember to keep a eye on your oil level, but its good for the system. Out with the old in with the new.

bisley57 03-29-2008 reply profile send pm notify

  Mix diesel fuel,hydraulic oil and every time you fill your can put 3 or 4 tablespoons of powdered set retarder in to your can.It may cause a little plugging of your sprayer hose after time,but it is well worth the effort.I ran a truck with wore out agitator blades ,just diesel and hyd. meant breaking out the old air chipping hammer,with set retarder added to the mix,the air gun stayed in the tool box.

SoCal 153 03-29-2008 reply profile send pm notify

In San Diego we've been using a form oil from Atlas Supply that I personally think is better than diesel or hydro oil. We spray it on in the morning and three quarters the way through the pour and when you go to wash all the concrete from your grate and the shelfs inside the hopper is always spottless. Pluss with the E.P.A down here were not a loud to use diesel or hydro. oil anymore

pudg 04-04-2008 reply profile send pm notify

try romix the best spray down liquid i have ever used,its not real expensive,water doesn't wash away, after a twelve hour day concrete rinses rite off,even on the gratings,plus its environmentally friendly,no lose situation