Best schwing boom?
Koby 07-01-2019
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I had a bet with a friend that Schwing pump never had broken boom , am I right?

That schwing pump have the best boom?

Grandad 07-05-2019
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You are dead wrong 

Schwing had issues with guide levers on their 28 metres in the 80's on the 2nd or 3rd can't remember 

their 31 turrets had issues cracking and falling off, their 42's had issues with hydraulic cylinders in the 90's on the 3rd and 4th breaking at the weld and the original 52 5 sections had issues with the guide lever on the main breaking off. 

Now all of that being said its the way a company handles these issues that helps maintain its reputation and in my opinion the German built equipment's always backed their equipment and resolved issues as quickly and professionallyas possible.

The Asian equipment not so much

As I said this is just my opinion