Bill and Peggy Cross talking about Rapid Applications new Payroll system.
Todd 08-12-2018
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Cross Concrete Pumping would never go back to paper payroll or paper job tickets, Rapid Applications saves Cross time and money, the system more than pays for its self.

PCross 08-15-2018
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This is our 3rd week of testing out the Payroll system in Rapid Apps- so far so good, a few bugs but working on them with Rapid Apps.  Our plan is to test this system out till Ociober 1st is the GO LIVE date.  As we communicate with our operators and explain the importance of them clocking in and out, how this is used to calculate their payroll, it holds each operator accountable for their time card and we all have $kin in the game.  Cross is so proud of our operators and how they have embraced this new technology, I tell them "being part of the solution" is so awesome, having their own records at the end of their fingers empowers them, Cross has the BEST of operators, in my opinion.  I'll try to keep you updated on our progress, if anyone has questions on PumpMagic let me know, I'm always happy to talk about our industry and the forward movement.

Peggy Cross