Blast from the past
Travelteck 10-12-2016 comment profile send pm notify

Back in the day this 46 was ahead of its time

the longest boom then. 

PUMBO 10-12-2016 reply profile send pm notify

Funny one eyed American friends. America is not the World. At very generous pipe counting that's a 44 meter boom at best - obviously like any pumper that operator is a great story teller. :D (bad humour)

I don't know what year that is Alan but I know in 1973 The Germans got hold of some blueprints left over from WW2.

dlee7729 11-06-2016 reply profile send pm notify

It is a 45 meter stiff leg . With a 800 pump kit. Myself , Charlie Huff and a few others ran one for cross back in the day.

TooTall 12-26-2016 reply profile send pm notify

Since when is a pump measured by the actual length of the boom from turret to tip??? Since Never. They've always been measured and labeled by their maximum vertical reach, from the ground up ^ The boom length plus 3 meters down to the ground.  The Huns aslo acquired a patent that was applied for but the applicant died before obtaining the patent. For a Y shaped valve he called a "Rocking valve". The applicant was an American engineer working on the Panama canal...So was the ┬«Rock Valve born. 

TooTall 12-26-2016 reply profile send pm notify

Weren't those a product of the Putzmeister Thompsen acquisition? Never cared for having to take off the reducer(s) & tip hose to fold them up. 

Doug 12-30-2016 reply profile send pm notify

Don't for get the worlds biggest boom from the 80's. The Putzmeister M62.


RJB 12-30-2016 reply profile send pm notify

That last photo, with the boom stretched out, looks like it was taken in the park on 192nd Street in Carson.  That was around the corner from the Putzmeister/Thomsen facility in Gardena.