Boom cylinder failure catastrophe
rainman66 07-08-2020
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Good day all. I am investigating a case of a serious accident which involved the bucking of a boom cylinder of a 36m truck mounted pump. if anyone else has had a similar experience please come forward.


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can you tell us what happen or share any pictures with us?

180 flyer 07-11-2020
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Sounds like a lawyer looking for something. 

rainman66 07-12-2020
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Ready mix company was operating a 36m boom pump, correct stabilised and normal operating conditions. suddenly one of the boom cylinders buckled (bent) and the whole boom came crashing down leaving a fatality. I am not a lawyer but a dealer selling pumps and would like to see whether anyone had such an experience so we all learn from it and avoid similar cases. I am just trying to help all other users out there.

rainman66 07-14-2020
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here is a photo to help you understand the failure.

TooTall 08-04-2020
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That hydraulic cylinder is too small. Compared to other 36m booms, the hydraulic cylinders that control the 3rd section are considerably larger. Larger cylinder, larger chrome rod, larger pins & pin boss's. The levers are noticeably smaller as well. Poor structural design.  

rainman66 08-07-2020
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It was the second section, just for record purposes, but very good point indeed. i would like to compile some info on typical diameters on most major pumps.

can anyone share some diameters for chrome shafts on the cylinder that opens the second boom on a 4 element 36m pump please. and pin diameters perhaps too that hold the cylinder to the boom and articulated joint?


180 flyer 08-08-2020
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Did this happen in the US? 

rainman66 08-08-2020
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No. Europe. has anyone seen this happen ever? 

pudg2 09-08-2020
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years ago I saw a tip section cylinder do this

rainman66 09-09-2020
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thanks for getting back. you mean the cylinder on the last and smallest section?

what size of pump was it? do you have any photos? was anybody hurt?

was it a material issue? thanks