boom pipe
bisley57 11-22-2008
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 Anyone operate or own boom truck with 4.6" boom pipe?If so where in the system does the pipe reduce?Any trouble pumping harsh mixes or lightweight?

FunnyBoom 11-22-2008
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I have been running a schwing 61 meter, I did 2 lightweight decks totalling 500 yards this week and the truck was having some hard times . I dont think they had pre soaked the aggregate as well as they should have tho. I was almost pressured out through most of the day.  Other than that I have only had a couple problems with bony mixes. Nothing too major.

Bob 11-22-2008
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I had the good fortune to work for a company here in Hotlanta that operated many pumps with 4.6 pipe.

If you pump through it fast, it wears out even faster.

It seems to be able to pass any material that the standard 4.8 will pass

You need to charge more because it wears out faster

On most units the reducer is on the first section. On some units, depending upon size and the current thinking of the mfg' the reducer may be moved forward some section or sections

The velocity within the pipe [at the same production level YPH] is slightly higher so the pressure is slightly higher and the wear is higher

Bring your concrete and pour it out.......

and don't forget your checkbook

TooTall 11-22-2008
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I prefer the reduction to be closer to the pump rather than further up the boom. Reduction on the 2nd or 3rd sections seem to have a bit more boom surge? Also for easier access incase of blockage. I always feared having to take the boom-pipe apart on the job, though it never happened (thank you pump God, amen)

Mudslinger 11-22-2008
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I run a 47m Schwing,and I've had to clear out the 4.6 reducer just a few times! My reducer is on the 3rd section and its hard to tell just where its plugged! It's second choice when I plug up,and messy to clear,but I can do it pretty fast now! I burn up the 1st pipe after the reducer pretty quickly,so I'm always rotating and flipping it,but hell I knew the job was dangerous when I took it! I imagine that its much worse on a 61m than any other pump.

ShortStik 11-22-2008
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ive only seen a schwing 41m with a reducer on the boom.  lt just looked like a plug i would not want to clear.  a 5 to 4 reduser at the end of the boom - easy to get at.  a 6 - 5 reduser at the back,  can be messy but easy to get at.  a 5 - 4.5 reduser in the boom - it aint much a reduction but it is, messy and you hope its easy to get at. 

Wing 11-22-2008
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Are you asking about 4.6 0r 4.4?

they wear very different

RAM03 11-22-2008
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i work on highrise buildings in hotlanta and our 40m putz boom has 4.6 pipe. we have run 9 & 10k psi concrete through it with no prob but no lite weight.

Bob 11-25-2008
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Who all is on your crew?