Boom speed
Rookie 12-07-2016
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Hey guys I'm just wondering if any of you can help me out. I'm trying to re-learn the boom speed on my 04 putz 38m. 

greyslayer 12-12-2016
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What kind of remote? hbc orange box? if it's the putzmister red and grey box you may have to get the training battery. contact the guys at putz and they will walk you through it 

Rookie 12-18-2016
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Yeah I have the putz box. I will contact the putz guys. Thanks

ATM14 02-09-2017
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You need a teleteach battery. Putz can sell you one, but it's not cheap. Otherwise, a service tech would need to come out and do it for you. Also double check the mechanical status of the function you're looking to have taught. A lot times if you're needing it to be taught, something mechanically is going art.

hunter 03-12-2017
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you can down load the tele teach instructions on line, there is a specific way it is done. also some times the spool valve in the hand valve gets rusty over time due to condensation in the hydraulic system.

I have found that teaching the functions with weight on the boom works better verses with out weight