Buying a concrete pump
solocup 11-07-2017
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Hi all.

I am looking to buying a concrete pump to rent it out for residential/commercial construction needs.

I absolutely know nothing about these pumps, and wanted to get some idea on the reliability of these machines and if it's worthwhile investing in this.

I have been looking at this one :



REEDPumps 11-07-2017
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Hi Mo - are you down in San Diego? if so, we're neighbors - we'd love to give you a tour!!

FYI, we're still selling Tier 3 Cummins Powered REED Concrete Pumps here in California (Tier 4 is an extra $$$$ option if you need/want it for some reason...)

Call me at 909-287-2100 to set it up.

Thanks :)

Mike @ REED Pumps

T-Riffic 11-08-2017
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If you do not know how to run it or have someone to run it for you. You may not see a great return any time soon. The pumps them selves are quite reliable however there often is trouble with the concrete hose getting line plugs of some kind or another. Because concrete gets hard sometime very quickly if any issue can not be resolved inside half an hour a decision has to be made to manually clean out everything or risk having the concrete setup in the hose and pump. More important then losing money is the risk of injuring somebody there's a lot of pressure inside the concrete hose if an operator doesn't recognize a line plug with a weak spot in the hose and you can blow a hose. The blast could injure or kill somebody as well.