Challenge Cook Bros.
Pedro 09-11-2018
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  Hola a todos. Primera vez que escribo.Quisiera saber si alguien  tiene algun dato sobre la bomba estacionaria Challenge Cook Bros. Tengo  una hace  años andando en Bahia Blanca Argentina. Eso si modificada la trompa a cuchillas  o flate gate y no original con clapeta que era un mal sistema.La verdad es una bomba para no vender nunca con ella bombeamos 60 metros en vertical suficiente para mi.Si alguien tiene algun dato foto o catalogo se los agradezco que se comuniquen.Soy Pedro. GRACIAS

SUPERDOFFER 09-17-2018
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I am sorry I don't speak spannisch

zuat150 09-18-2018
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  Hello everyone. First time I write. I would like to know if anyone has any information about the Challenge Cook Bros. stationary pump. I have been working in Bahia Blanca Argentina for years. That if modified the tube to blades or flate gate and not original with clapper that was a bad system. The truth is a pump to never sell with it we pump 60 meters vertically enough for me. If someone has some data photo or catalog it I thank you for communicating. I am Pedro. THANK YOU