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RapidWorks 01-27-2015
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Pump Magic Software for the Concrete Pumping Industry.


1. Dispatch

2. Customer Center

3. Collections

4. Reporting


For more information please Call Todd at 805 404-4450 or 817 394-4745

RapidWorks 01-31-2024
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Hi everyone, just wanted to give you an update that Pump Magic has become part of the RapidWorks software suite, which means it’s now more powerful than ever alongside RapidWorks’ solutions for fleet management, dispatching, job tickets, and more. At its core, RapidWorks offers workflows built to help concrete pumping teams manage their fleet, crew, and jobs. If you’re interested in seeing how concrete pumping teams are using RapidWorks to maximize utilization and profitability you can check us out at