check valve???
TL 02-10-2020
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Putzmeister TK 40 trailer pump

I might have a bad check valve.  The cylinder bangs hard on one side (driver side).  I think on every 4th stroke.  The line surges a lot when pumping.  How should I go about  checking the check valve? Is it the U-tube located at the end of the cylinder?

alexar 03-22-2020
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Why do you think it's the check valve?

TL 03-27-2020
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I'm thinking its the check valve because after replacing the mud cups, I noticed gray residue in the water box.  I took it back to the shop to have them replace the cracked mud cup because one of the cups was damaged.  I was pumping with the damaged cup for a while so if the gray got to the water box, would it also got it the system at the check valves?

Concrete7111 03-24-2020
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There are four check valves in u shaped pipes on both ends of the cylinders  the end of the u with the longer fitting is the check valve  it has a spring and cone shaped valve .  I thought that might of been causing my problems with the cylinders going out of sync but no such luck