Christmas bonus -- just wondering....
stables 12-15-2016
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Im new to concrete pumping and I have been working for this company for about a year now.  We just had our company xmas party and they gave out bonus checks (mine was $1700) other operators tell me it gets better each year but wont tell me what to expect.  Whats the normal after say five years of pumping??

Christie 12-16-2016
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Around here, the standard bonus after 5 years ( although I'm sure this varies from one Company to another) runs around the $500,000 mark!

For the life of me, I can't understand why you're fellow pump operators won't let you in on what they get for a bonus?

pumpnfinish 12-17-2016
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Wow Christie I need a job!

mcratchet 12-20-2016
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Man i run pumps and im the service manager for 15 years all i ever get is a ham :(

pumpnfinish 12-20-2016
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Yeah ratchet that's about the norm.

pudg2 01-23-2017
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man expect nothing and be grateful for anything you do receive , that's always been the way I look at it and its always kept me from being disappointed. Anything given as a "bonus" is just that a bonus , no company is obligated to "give" a employee anything , so be appreciative for anything given.