Clayton White = Tom Anderson? When I read Clayton White's story it reminded me of Tom Anderson
Todd 10-11-2017
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There is something said about working your way up, knowing where you came from, hard work and doing a good job, keeping your word and building relationships along the way. I fully enjoyed getting to know Tom Anderson and spending time with him, working with him in this industry and I miss him very much. Well guys it looks like we have another Tom Anderson type in our industry and the more i get to know him the more I see the resemblance between the two men. Well Everyone here you go, Clayton White the New President and CEO of Alliance Concrete Pumps.

Alliance Concrete Pumps Inc. is proud to announce the promotion of Clayton White to President & CEO. Clayton has been with Alliance since its inception in 2002, and has worked in every department; managing Sales, Parts, Service & Production at some point in his career. In 2006 Clayton moved to Philadelphia, PA to open the Alliance USA branch, returning back to the head office in Aldergrove, BC in 2010 as General Manager.


“I hired Clayton as a 20 year old kid to ship parts; now he runs the whole show” says Ken Friesen, Chairman “in 2010 Clayton became a partner in the business and since then we have achieved incredible growth year over year. His work ethic and attention to customer service has got him to the top, and we have full confidence he can take this company even further.”


In his role as President & CEO, Clayton will be directly managing the pump sales department, in addition to overseeing the Alliance senior management team in parts, service & production. Clayton currently serves as a VP in the Concrete Pump Manufacturers Association.  


Clayton can be reached @ 604-607-0908 or