Come visit REED's Factory and Full-Service Facility in Southern California!!!!
REEDPumps 05-04-2017
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Attention West Coast Concrete Pumpers!

REED's Factory and Customer Support Center is always open to the public!!!

We're the OTHER manufacturer with a fully staffed, local operation to support your business.

We’re in the same place in Chino, California where we've been for 20+ years!!!
REED Concrete Pumps
13822 Oaks Avenue
Chino, CA 91710  USA
p. (888) 779-7333

b-alto 05-04-2017
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Very good technical service! This week i had an electrical issue with my B-50. Mike (Lead engineer) spent an hour on the phone with me and my ohm tester, to figure out and solve the issue. Very much appreciated !

Brian Alto

REEDPumps 05-05-2017
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Mike Wickstrom has been here at REED since the 80's!

Brian - how old is that B50? has she been a good/relaible pump? ready for a new one? (I've got a TON of people looking for used B50s)...

Mike Newcomb @ REED Pumps

StreamlinePumping 05-04-2017
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If you had an Olin, you wouldn't have to call in for tech support. 

orygun 05-06-2017
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keep hearing about how great olin pumps are and have been impressed with a true half inch grout pump. but nobody buys them.

b-alto 05-08-2017
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Its a 2005 B-50 and works perfect I pumped with it today.  I've had it for four years now and this was the first minor glitch i've had. I think the problem was moisture . Up here in a sealed up shop and changing temps i get humidity or dampness in my shop. I also park my pump truck inside and spill water, or after a snowy day i wash the pump with warm water before i put it away. I need to get some fans to run or a dehumidifier . The Next shop i'm building will have slab heat I think it will be well worth the investment.

b-alto 05-08-2017
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One good thing I actually learned a lot about the system  Coil valves, Proxie sensers, electrical plugs and how to test them.

REEDPumps 05-10-2017
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glad that Wickstrom was able to give you a service school over the phone...he does it with people all over the world, just about every day

good call on the dehumidifier...

Brian, please let us know whenever you're out in Las Vegas or down in California so we can give you a factory tour