Concrete Pump Accident, Pump Flips over, Operator tries to right the Pump.
Todd 10-22-2016
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Concrete Pump Flips over and operator tries to right the pump, looks like some classic mistakes were made here. I talked with Pat from Pioneer and he said it was not one of his pumps. I am glad nobody got hurt.

TooTall 10-27-2016
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Looks to me like the rear outrigger sank, then the front leg buckled under the excess load.  Should have swung that opposite side rear outrigger all the way out and filled it with water for some counter weight, then sucked a ball and got the weight of the concrete out of the boom and back to the pump.. And with the boards already on the ground under the boom, Ida laid the 3rd & 4th sections right down on those form boards. 

eric harbison 02-15-2018
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That is Farris Concrete Pumping out of Kiln, MS