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Todd 03-07-2021
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Please see attached and below for some introductory information on the captive strategy we discussed, as it relates to employee benefits. With any of the larger companies, this is the approach I would most likely lead with and our program can generate very substantial cost savings.
Here are 2 compelling reasons why it may make sense for us to evaluate this solution…
Our captive clients are paying less for healthcare than they did in 2012
Our captive clients have an average deductible of $750 or less
In addition to the immediate financial impact, we will provide unmatched and enhanced benefits to your employees, i.e. free surgeries, imaging, telemedicine, physical therapy, and specialty medications, prescription drug rebates, best-in class providers, concierge service, and more.
Executive Summary
Client Potential Distribution Scenario
BevCap Health Snapshot
Introductory BevCap video prepared by the Trump Administration (1st link below)
Other testimonials
Chris Hill | Vice President, K&S Insurance
972.771.4071 (Office)
972.772.7267 (Direct)
972.467.5223 (Cell)

Todd 03-07-2021
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Honestly, I fully recommend these guys, they can lower your cost and give you better service.

junhua 04-05-2021
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Zhengzhou Junhua Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Junhua") is a professional manufacturer producing world-class concrete products for building Industry. Located in Zhengzhou city of China, Junhua has 20 years history and has been involved in a wide variety of building projects all around the domestic and overseas.
Junhua is expert in concrete mixer equipment and pump equipment, including all kinds of concrete pumps, mixers with pump, pump truck with mixer ,mini mixer truck so on. Strict quality control procedures are followed for each and every production Junhua rolls out. Our industry-leading R&D team is continuously researching, testing and developing new solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the concrete market.
Junhua aims at supplying high-quality products to our customers all around the world. We will keep and continue to meet the challenges of new concrete material technology with commitment to the highest quality in innovative concrete equipment. We keep on exploring international markets since establishment and has built up long-term business relationships with a various range of customers in Europe, America and Asia.
With a huge investment in production, R&D, service and sales force every year, Junhua ensures the customer to win the biggest ROI. We have four advanced production lines with production capacity over 10,000 sets. In a bid to meet the growing demand of market, we are optimizing the industrial structure. Zhengzhou Technical R&D Building - a central production base is under use in 2020.