Concrete Pump Operator to the Rescue.
Todd 07-13-2017
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Jenna Sealey took to social media to give a “huge rave” to the driver of a pump truck who prevented what could have been a disaster along Westside Road on Wednesday.

Sealey posted that around 3:30 p.m. the unknown driver “stopped and used the water in his truck to put out a fire on the side of the road. You saved my home and so many more from possibly being burnt to the ground. I can not thank you enough for your quick actions.”

Sealey said if anyone knows who the driver is, or recognizes the company's blue and white truck, to “please pass along a huge thank you from our entire beach. Also huge rave to others who stopped and helped. And the OKIB fire department.”

She then took a moment to blast inconsiderate smokers.

“A huge rant to those who think it is OK to throw your lit cigarette butt out the window. We have all been through enough with the flooding, a forest fire is not needed.”