Concrete pump pressure
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Hi, new here,

I own an 01 Schwing 34 meter roll and fold. Ive had an unusual problem lately. After I activate the PTO, I get no pump activity for a good 25 minutes or so, then it starts to work. Everything else works fine, outriggers, boom, etc. Thereś no accumulator pressure and was last told by Schwing that I need to have the accumulator pump pressure adjusted. Has anyone ever performed this procedure? Schwing hasnt responded to me in days despite sending several emails.

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greyslayer 10-05-2017 reply profile send pm notify

Possible dump valve failure for the accumulator what happens when you manually activate the dump valve 

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Nothing really happens any different on either Normal or Manual. Everything works fine except for the pumping. Today I noticed no pump presssure on the accumulator pump 

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Where exactly is the accumulator dump valve located?

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Google Cole and Lambert in Glen Allen, VA.  Don't know if either of these guys are still around, but ask for Mark or Matt.  Both can help you with this.  Possibly need a new accumulator bladder?  

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Got the issue sorted out. Greyslayer was pretty close to the problem. There was no power in the accumulator dump valve. Hopper grate switch wiring was faulty and didnt allow the system to clear power to the dump valve.