Concrete Splatter at discharge hose
Natetgreat 10-03-2018
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 We recently  stopped using S pipe on the end of the discharge hose but concrete splatter is a big issue now any suggestions on how to cut the splatter down without having a metal piece on the end of the discharge hose 

Farmboy72 10-06-2018
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You have a couple options: 

use a lay flat hose, a reducing hose, or a just use a 4 inch whip off the boom.

my first choice is the 5-3 reducing hose. Works well for the majority of walls, footers and  most slabs. This is best when you are not pushing a large volume of concrete.

my second choice is a 4 in whip connected to a steel reducer connected to the boom. I use this when I am doing slabs of a 100 plus yards, large concrete volume footers, or walls that are 10 inch wide or greater. Or a 5-4 reducing hose does the same, no need for the reducer then.

my third choice is the lay flat. Works best for ICF forms. This is the slowest of the three, which why I only use it for ICF's.

if the slump is not to wet, you should be able to keep a steady flow with these choices.

our company quit using the steel s pipe ten years ago. To many people don't pay enough attention to properly use them. To big of a liability

mcratchet 10-11-2018
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I agree with farm boy, we use 5-4 reducing hose half throttle half volume pours out like creamy peanut butter Yummy!

Natetgreat 10-14-2018
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Thank you for your help I will try the reduction hose