Bob 10-06-2005
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PROFESSIONAL CONCRETE PUMP OPERATOR:An individual that could take his pump to any place and pump any job safely and successfully, diagnosing and fixing any mechanical deficiency not requiring parts that are not carried on the machine.

Pumper 10-07-2005
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over worked, under paid man(women) that leaves home before daylight, gets home after dark, and can be brought to the point of rage by the beep of a nextel. :-)

Bob 10-07-2005
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I think that you just nailed the job description. When a Nextel beeps in an operator meeting it looks like a syncronized swimming team, all heads dip - all hands grab at the same time. 2 true 2-2 funny :)

dieselman 10-07-2005
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Pumper nailed it on the head there haha

ted 10-08-2005
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A Professional operator is a man who does the job. the others back heel that have looked at the job. There is more to pumping concrete than boom work you have to use a bit of common sence in how to solve a problem.Never give a job to some one you are not prepared to do your self. If in dout ask or you will never Learn.

Pumper 10-12-2005
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