detroit engine
ShortStik 02-11-2017
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drove an 04 detroit on a 61 schwing.  loved the engine.

wondering how doing engine work to the detroit is like? couldn't find a model# under the oil leaks lol

pumpnfinish 02-14-2017
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Well it's a very simple engine if we are talking about the 60 series. They are laid out very well as far as space. I was working on one in a 1994 kenworth tractor for a buddy of mine last night. We have one in frieghtliner at work that's a 2013 and has been plagued with computer and emissions problems. I miss the old 2 stroke screamers, dribbling a little oil meant some shit was getting done! I ran a couple old  52's on tor chassis with detroit 60'S that were great trucks. Awsome Jake for sure, great for getting the neighborhood awake and going.  ; )

ShortStik 02-27-2017
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the 04 detroit was in a tor, interesting truck. lol dont have to cut a hole in the exhaust flex pipe to make her loud.  would like to see how the old 60 series performs when pulling/stopping something a little lighter then 112000 lbs. 

compared to the 2016 detroit i drove, i'd take the 04, though the shop did do a beautiful job reinstalling a new crate on the 2016.