differences between Alliance,Concord,KCP,DY
Ti-so 08-22-2017
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As i look at the right of this screen,we now sees kcp dy in addition of Concord and Alliance.

If there is  any relation between those Pumps, what is it?   Aren t they all  from Korea?

I know Alliance that the service is awesome and to me, even if i never ran any of these machine seems real good but what is the defferences compare to the other one.

The seems to have all variation of 37/38 and 40/41/42 /43.  

reliabilly wise ?

Just simple Curiosity and also wants to start a discussion!!!!

mcratchet 08-23-2017
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They say there from Korea and China is what they told me at the world of concrete. I seen all 4 at the world of concrete they all look very similar, they look and operate like our 2000 model 12 volt putz we have. My buddy just bought a new concord 38 on a mack and had nothing but problems out of the pump and mack took about 3 months to get that pump straighten out that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But they also bought 3 new everdigm pumps and they have been going strong with not one problem and there on macks too! This is just my opinion and from seeing them hands on. They also have several new putzmeisters. We have all putzs we bought new in 1999 and there still going strong and i am always able to get ahold of the guys up there if i need help like Scott, Mark, Nick There good people

pudg2 08-23-2017
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I have a Concord , putz , shwing , sany and honestly the biggest issue with any of these pumps are the truck they are mounted on , we have nothing but problems out of our 2008 models , which we have 3 , two are on Sany pumps and I will tell you it is by far the worst model Mack ever produced I do not understand how there isn't a class action suit about this years motors , our Concord is on a 2008 mack and although it has been in the mack shop multiple times it is nowhere near the headache as the sany on the mack . I do believe part of the problem is with all this technology that there  is a simple communication problem between Mack computer and the pump manufacturer computer and electronics , in my opinion you give me a fleet of 2007 or pre 2007 model pumps and I'll make a fleet of brand new pumps look like they should've never shown up on the job . But that's just one mans opinion.